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Add Dataset to Cart 8.88 MB Church and Rood Alluvial River Channel Regime Data Data compiled from various sources on 284 streams and rivers: river morphology, river process, discharge, hydraulic geometry and grain size.
Add Dataset to Cart 1.69 MB William Brownlie Alluvial Channel Data In recent years, attempts have been made to develop numerical models for unsteady flows in channels with sediment transport. This work was conducted to analyze two essential ingredients of any numerical model: the relationship between the hydraulic variables (slope, depth, and velocity), and the predictor of sediment concentration. Report KH-R-43A (not in this archive) presents a detailed analysis of the two components and examines their role in numerical modeling. Six hydraulic relationships and 13 sediment concentration predictors are examined and compared. New relationships are then developed which appear to be more accurate than the existing techniques. Finally, the new relationships are utilized in a numerical unsteady flow, moveable bed model which uses a four-point implicit finite difference solution scheme.
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