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Belugi , Dino
Bode, Collin
Dietrich, William E.
Power, Mary E.
Add Dataset to Cart 8.18 GB Angelo 1m DEMs - Derived Data Sets Authors: Dino Belugi, Collin Bode Digital Elevation Models (DEM) of Angelo Coast Range Reserve and South Fork Eel Watershed in Mendocino County, CA.

This DVD contains a zip file with derived DEMs and coverages. They were processed from the original angelo 1meter DEM.

Warning: it is 8.2GB when uncompressed.

They all are 1x1 meter grid resolution, using UTM, zone 10, NAD83 projection. NCALM, University of Florida flew the LIDAR and processed it to 9column ascii files. They also created the bare-earth DEM. NCALM, UC Berkeley processed the DEMs and is responsible for distribution.

The National Center for Airborne Laser Mapping (NCALM) processed the source DEM as follows:
1. merged the tiles into one grid.
2. reprojected from geographic to UTM, zone 10, nad83 projection using bilinear interpolation.
3. Ran a series of analyses on the dataset to produce the folling DEMS GRIDS:
- eel1mdemab: A over B: Area over gridcell size.
- eel1mdemacc: Flow accumulation. Grid shows how many other grids flow into each square. Used for watershed delineation and for channel creation.
- eel1mdemdir: Azimuth. Shows direction from north a grid cell is facing. Only 8 directions used, moving clockwise.
- eel1mdemfil: Sinkfill. To get the flow accumulation, you must fill holes and pockets in the elevation model. This grid is essential a step in the processing.
- eel1mdemrad: Slope of the gridcell. Coverages:
- eelchannel: Result of Bill Dietrich's & Dino Belugi's work on channel formation. This is derived from the grids listed above.
- eelcontour05: 5 meter topographic contours of the bare-earth DEM.
- eelcontour10: 10 meter topographic contours of the bare-earth DEM.

Any questions should be directed to NCALM.

Dino Belugi can answer processing questions.

Collin Bode can answer general questions about the dataset.
eel1mdemab/ 7 1.99 GB
eel1mdemacc/ 7 1.98 GB
eel1mdemdir/ 8 97.8 MB
eel1mdemfil/ 7 1.99 GB
eel1mdemrad/ 7 1.98 GB
eelchannel/ 8 24.51 MB
eelcontour05/ 7 76.02 MB
eelcontour10/ 7 37.96 MB
info/ 48 1.38 MB
README.txt 1.85 KB
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