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Belugi , Dino
Bode, Collin
Dietrich, William E.
Power, Mary E.
Add Dataset to Cart 8.46 GB Angelo 1m DEMS Authors: Dino Belugi, Collin Bode Digital Elevation Models (DEM) of Angelo Coast Range Reserve and South Fork Eel Watershed in Mendocino County, CA.

This Folder contains a zip file with 3 DEMs.

Warning: it is 6.4GB when uncompressed.

They all are 1x1 meter grid resolution, using UTM, zone 10, NAD83 projection. These are ESRI grids.
1. Bare-earth DEM: eel1mdem
2. Canopy DEM: eel1mcanopy
3. Vegetation Heights, i.e. the difference between the bare earth and canopy: eel1mdiff

Data was flown for the purposes of improving algorithms for LIDAR bare-earth processing and to be the basis of interdisciplinary geology, ecology, hydrology modelling as performed by the National Center for Earth-surface Dynamics. NCALM, University of Florida flew the LIDAR and processed it to 9column ascii files. They also created the bare-earth DEM.

NCALM, UC Berkeley processed the canopy and veg heights DEMs and is responsible for distribution.

Any questions can be directed to NCALM, UC Berkeley.
eel1mcanopy/ 8 1.93 GB
eel1mdem/ 8 1.99 GB
eel1mdiff/ 8 1.99 GB
info/ 13 6.07 KB
eel1mcanopy.aux 3.38 KB
eel1mcanopy.rrd 165.22 MB 633.74 MB
eel1mdem.aux 4.94 KB
eel1mdem.rrd 175.2 MB 741.41 MB
eel1mdiff.aux 3.35 KB
eel1mdiff.rrd 175.2 MB 718.22 MB
README.txt 1005 bytes
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